Registration and contact information

Stichting Gutman Records is a Dutch foundation (stichting), registered with the Chamber of Commerce with RSIN number 851179836. Camerata RCO and Amsterdam Piano Series are activities of Stichting Gutman Records.

The postal address of Stichting Gutman Records is Kinkerstraat 150-I, 1053 EH Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For questions you may call +31652458290 or send an e-mail to


Stichting Gutman Records aims to support classical chamber music in the Netherlands, among other things through the production and release of musical recordings/cd’s/lp’s and the organisation of concerts.

Summary of the current policy plan

The policy plan 2023-2028 states that the foundation shall produce several recordings (both in the form of cd’s and lp’s as well as digital recordings for streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music), including several projects of Camerata RCO. New projects will always be quality tested. In order to be eligible for release on the Gutman Records label, the execution has to be of the highest quality. A cd or lp must also add something to existing repertoire for it to be released, for example because of the performance or because a piece was not issued before as a recording. The premisse thereby is that all costs involved in a project are covered: a project will in principle not be financed on the basis of expected turnover or otherwise. The decision whether a project can be released on the Gutman Records label is made by the board.

Gutman Records regularly receives gifts from private individuals and entities who sympathize with the foundation and its aim. In that context, the foundation has been recognized as a cultural ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the Dutch tax authorities. Consequently, gifts can be made in a (Dutch) tax friendly manner and such gifts can thus be used as much as possible for the activities of Gutman Records. Gifts may be made for specific projects or more generally for the activities of Gutman Records. The foundation furthermore receives income from the enterprise it conducts, being the release and sale of cd’s/lp’s and music recordings on other media.

Board members and remuneration policy

Stichting Gutman Records has a board consisting of three persons:

  • Barbara Rumora-Scheltema (chair) is a lawyer and partner with NautaDutilh and president of the Bar Association in Amsterdam;
  • Hein Wiedijk (secretary) is clarinettist and member of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra;
  • Frank van de Laar (treasurer) is a pianist and professor at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Arnhem.

All three board members have been involved with Stichting Gutman Records since its incorporation in 1991. The board members do not receive a remuneration. The foundation does not have any employees.

Current report of activities

In the past years, Gutman Records has released several cd’s. You can find more information about our cd’s elsewhere on this site.

Financial information

The annual accounts 2021 can be downloaded here.