Gutman Records produces high quality chamber music recordings by internationally renowned musicians

Stichting Gutman Records is a Dutch foundation which was founded in loving memory of Peisach (Polek) and Sara (Ala) Gutman and Tosia Scheltema-Gutman. The main goal of its record label is to support classical chamber music and musicians by producing audio recordings and to distribute those recordings through all possible media all over the world. Apart from hardcopy (CD and/or LP), Gutman Records recordings are available on most digital platforms. The personal taste and wishes of the performing artists is taken very seriously by Gutman Records, a label created by and for musicians.

The Amsterdam Piano Series organized by Gutman Records, started in the season 2017-2018 in the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw featuring the piano and pianists in a leading role. It presents a varied program for a broadly interested audience.

Stichting Gutman Records (Nederlands)
Stichting Gutman Records (English)