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Gutman Records proudly presents the second season of the Amsterdam Piano Series

Enjoy five pianocentric recitals in the Royal Concertgebouw’s Recital Hall, famed for its beautiful acoustics. In the first season (2017-2018) our audience was taken on a musical journey by four Dutch master pianists with beautifully varied repertoire of their own choice.

For the 2018-2019 season, we are happy to welcome two highly praised pianists from Russia and the Ukraine: Alissa Firsova and Natacha Kudritskaya. Firsova comes with a adventurous programme with works by a.o. Chopin, Bartók and Mahler. Kudritskaya brings a tribute to the French masters Rameau, Satie and Debussy. Thomas Beijer will be back, playing Beethoven and Brahms, Ligeti and Ravel. Nicolas and Ella van Poucke will explain the term ‘pianocentric’ in an apprehensive way: in two evenings they will play Beethovens complete works for piano and cello.

In seasons to follow, more pianocentric chamber music will be on the menu, next to hardcore piano recitals!

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